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A massage with Mindy is like having a vacation. Not only is it relaxing and soothing, she is also a very intuitive and skilled energy healer. The experience is transformative.

Energy Healer
San Rafael

I have been seeing Mindy for slightly over a year; under the care of her skilled and intuitive hands, my body has responded with healing in chronic conditions of severe allergies and liver dysfunction. Her lymph drainage massage greatly reduces generalized toxicity and frees me to enjoy previously curtailed activities. Wonderful side benefits are simply being in the presence of Mindy’s kind and caring spirit, her life wisdom, and her positive mind set. Thank you, Mindy, for using your giftedness in creating a better me!


While you were working on my arm, I was in that dreamlike state and I was thinking to myself, wow, what you're doing there is terrific! I woke up laughing.

San Francisco

For the last 3 1/2 hours, I think I've felt the way I'm supposed to feel... loose, comfortable, and nothing hurts! Yahoo - it's possible!

Thank you,

San Anselmo

My search for the best massage in Marin County is over. Mindy is part massage therapist, part physical trainer, part life coach, and part angel. I have seen her for routine maintenance as well as urgent care, and always felt that she was working _with_ me to heal and prevent whatever issue brought me in. She is a deeply caring person and an intuitive and thoughtful body worker. Mindy sets the standard for her field.

San Rafael, CA

Massage for me is a part of health and well-being. It is a modality often overlooked by physicians and patients alike that is both holistic and non-invasive.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to experience massage from many professionals. I believe Mindy Zimmerman's focused deep massage technique to be one of the best. Her innate sense of touch both gentle and firm along with her knowledge of anatomy and pressure points insures good outcomes.

Medical Director of Endoscopy
Asheville, NC

It's as if you are the sculptor, sculpting me.

I took a bad fall from a horse last summer, broke no bones but injured everything..so badly that walking was a struggle for weeks. Now, many months later, I'm all healed up but still with residual stiffness and soreness.

Not only did the massage feel great and release all kinds of tense places, but also, when I walked to work the next day, I loved feeling free...my hips released from the tightness that has changed my walk since I fell.


Marketing & technology strategy for medical websites
Philadelphia, PA

Mindy is the most intuitive massage therapist of any I've ever met. Her massage is like the loving, supportive embrace from the perfect mother. She is able to move through the rocks and numbness of my shoulders and neck, taking me to a whole new place of openness and comfort.

She is the best. Absolutely addicting!

National Marketing Analyst
Philadelphia, PA

Just a note of appreciation for the wonderful massage you afforded me. Granted it was just a massage but you succeeded, in one session, to relieve me of that painful knot by my shoulder blade. I enjoyed the fact that you utilized visualization and various techniques to resolve this malady for me. Please know you have one happy regular client in me whenever I am in town.

Miami, Florida